Learn to software repair and support Chromebooks

In this course you will learn how to firmware restore Chromebook's along with trouble shoot common problems. Please enjoy this free course and if you want to learn more sign up for

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Phonlab Team
Phonlab Team

MJ Nale, Creator and Founder of Phonlab, and Smartphone Tech and Mobile Security Expert. " MJ has been in the industry since the beginning providing innovative software support solutions for problems that customers face every day, and now years later he is training smartphone techs worldwide. I started out when Steve introduced iPhone, then Android was released shortly after I would watch every video and read every forum. " I remember thinking to myself that I wish they had a school for this especially when it came to learning the secret stuff. MJ is frequently called upon by shops and techs around the world for training, solutions, and support.

Tom S (AKA RootJunky) One of YouTube's most popular channels for Android root and hacks. Thomas is an Android Expert, and Phonlab Instructor and a long time Android developer that has worked very hard for years to create youtube video that teach how to root, hack, firmware restore, unlock, install roms, install custom recoveries like TWRP, and much much more. He really enjoy teaching people how to fix there devices and helping them learn new tricks and skills. He also runs 2 web sites and a youtube channel like you will see in some of his videos along with helping me here at PhonLab E-Campus

GeoSn0w is a middle security researcher who's been working in the Windows Malware Analysis field for 5 years. in 2015 he began his journey on the IOS and OS X security research with a special interest on the iCloud Activation Mechanism and more recently with Jailbreak and exploit techniques. He is the author of the FCE 365 Firmware Manager Tool. GeoSn0w got involved in the IOS field at first with IOS 3, only to realize that IOS is the field he is going to follow. He enjoys working on Malware Research, and loves fiddling with IOS, and IOS Security and iPhone Data Protection. In 2016 he caught the attention of Phonlab through extensive research and successful bypasses on iPhone from Phonlab.

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