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Thank you for Choosing Phonlab as your Training Program for Certification as a Phonlab Smartphone Tech. We have the most comprehensive training program anywhere with over 200 video and learning guides designed to give you the skills necessary to get a Phonlab Smartphone Technician Certification. This program is software based only because the need for skilled software support techs, and is the future of repair. The skills you learn here at Phonlab will help you and your shop earn money and drive additional revenue with very little or no overhead. In other words, hardware repairs are becoming easier, and with the modular age is upon us it means a majority of hardware repair like screen replacement or other types or repairs will be done by the customer. The software support and security though on all smartphones and operating systems is getting more complex with every new update, that is why Phonlab skills are so important. Please watch every video guide and read every section so that you complete it. When you get to the end of the training and all of your classes are complete you will take your 100 question final exam for certification. We look forward to helping you here at Phonlab.

MJ Nale

Creator and Founder

Harng Lee
Hi, guys. I've been looking for this and finally I found and enrolled.
I am excited. Thanks. MJ and Tom.
glad you have joined phonlab look forward to seeing you in the comment section again.
Phonlab Team
Welcome to Phonlab Harng I look forward to seeing you doing well at Phonlab. You have taken a great step in your mobile career today and we will help get certified and continue on to do great things

MJ Nale
Creator and Founder
Dimitry Rogov
I am very interested to enroll and get this training. I am not perfectly clear on subject icloud.
Can Phonlab offer how to unlock and remove icloud for iPhone 6S
Phonlab Team
There is no iCloud Removal currently
need some help on unlocking my ipad
Phonlab Team
If your speaking about iCloud Removal the only way is to try to order an Apple ID and contact the former owner
Shane O Bryan
I am eager and ready to learn as much as I can. Mobile repair ans unlocking is good business here in Jamaica. At one point we had 3 wireless carriers here with more than 1/2 the population with mobile phones. Taking this course, I hope to be rated as the best in my area. Thanks to Phonlab.
awesome so glad to have you at phonlab :-)
Jesus montanez
I'm excited and ready to learn
so glad that you could join Phonlab :-)
onuoha lucky
my name is lucky, i an intending student of phonelap,com i have being hae issues with signing up into the the site i need a guider to help me with the registration.
Phonlab Team
What issues are you having can you send us an email to
Stephen Woolstencroft
This is a perfect solution for education.
Awesome I have found this training. This will help me wit all the question I need without lengthy internet searches
Johanna Parrish
I'm excited to learn all about unloacking / hacking phones. I have one moto e sitting around here bricked and 1 iPhone that icloud locked. I'm tring to start my own smartphone repair business but since I'm just getting started, I purchased a locked iPhone off of ebay to start with. Can wait to learn!
Phonlab Team
Johanna welcome to Phonlab this is MJ please enjoy are courses and we are happy to assist you with your learning
Jesimoni Mahomedi
Am happy to join Phonlab to learn and find easy solutions to mobile technics ,unlocking etc. i run a very busy cellphone repair shop so am hoping that phonlab will come very handy in improving my cellphone knowledge and business. I have been spending hours and hours over the internet looking for cellphone repair ,software and unlocking solutions without direction but now i know where to go.
Phonlab Team
Welcome Jesimoni to Phonlab
nuruz zaman
I am happy to find successful phone lab that we all need our business help
amin barkat
i have also selling and repairing store. i am like to learn more things.
nuruz zaman
I have repair shop and unlocking services since 2008
I am glad that I am part of this phonlab
Welcome to Phonlab glad you joined
I am excited to be a member of Phonlab. I look forward to learning a lot about Smartphones so I can start my a new shop in my area. so excited!!!!
Phonlab Team
Welcome to the program Yessenia glad to gave you here
Michael Harris
Im excited to be here at Phonlab. As I look thru the course I feel like I did returning to university as a mature student, I hope you can be patient with a beginner, looking forward to learning and then offering a much needed service in my area
Phonlab Team
Welcome aboard Mike
glad to have you at phonlab. I recommend taking the lessons in order as they build on each other :-)
owen john
I am striving to have my own buis do the things i enjoy. i have a good base knowledge but really need some fine tuning
Phonlab Team
We are here to get you focused Owen especially if your starting your own business
Zach Costello
Just got signed up. Been doing a lot of this stuff by learning from forums and online research. I'm so glad I found a place that I can really learn from! I'm so excited to grow my business with this information.
Phonlab Team
Thank you Zach Welcome to Phonlab
Heather Woodward
Hi Guys, I have just enrolled. This is great to get all of this info for only $39 a month! In my experience,a a lot of other repair schools mainly focus on the hardware side.
Phonlab Team
Welcome aboard Heather
glad to have you at the school and hope that you enjoy it :-) please comment if you have questions
Richard Clausell
Thank you guys I am ready to go!!!!
Phonlab Team
Welcome to Phonlab
hi phonelab poeple i want to get more skill about mobile phone and learn more about unclock and iloud lock remove i wish i can be like you
Phonlab Team
Please study our guides and we are here to help you
maxime tchimtchoua
my name is maxim I have started
Phonlab Team
Welcome aboard Maxim
Ryan Collins
I am looking forward to this very much . and im ready to learn and implement what i learn into a future.
Phonlab Team
Welcome Ryan
Karimar Soto
Hi, I'm studying Technology Management and I do repairs as a hobby! Hope to increase my knowledge here.
Phonlab Team
Hi Karimar glad to have you on board with your background you will learn quickly and do well
Tony Luong
my i phone been activation lock, how can i unlock ? my phone is iphone 6 puls.

Phonlab Team
Welcome to Phonlab Tony glad to have you
Ignacio baldovinos
Hi I'm ignacio and I do phone repair as a hobby to make some extra bucks hopefully this helps to expand my knowledge and ways to hustle lol👍
everyone needs a good hustle :-) glad to have you here at Phonlab.
Phonlab Team
Please Introduce yourself here
HERMES5 minutos atrás responder Editar Excluir
Ola amigo me chamo sou Hermes da UE do Brasil, eu sou apaixonado POR Tecnologias, principalmente parágrafo Uso de Equipamentos Recuperar abandonados, cadernos Tipo E Telefones .... smartphones principalmente .... estou aqui Pará Aprender Novas tecnicas de Manutenção de Telefones e android iphones ......
Phonlab Team
Welcome however at the moment only English is supported
Ola amigo me chamo Hermes eu sou do Brasil , eu sou apaixonado por tecnologias , principalmente para uso de recuperar equipamentos abandonados ,tipo notebooks e telefones....principalmente smartphones....estou aqui para aprender novas tecnicas de manutenção de telefones android e iphones......
edgar crespo
glad to have you as a student. We add something new just about every week so keep a look out :-)
HI my name is Markus. I am from Germany. Mobile phone repair is my hobby until now.
Phonlab Team
Welcome to Phonlab Markus glad to have you
glad to have you in the class Markus
sam David
Sam .an m please to be part of the class
Rafal Zagorski
Hi, my name is Rafal I am Polish but I live for 11 years in Ireland. Mobile telephony is my hobby but if you can make money is also going to be fine.
Jonathan Lilley
Lillte late but I'm excited to learn more !
Jonathan you will love the course. Please comment on any section you might have a question about or problem figuring out.
Manav Nainani
I own a cell phone store where I sell, repair and unlock phones.
Phonlab Team
Welcome Manav great to have you